Here Is Your Pizza Game of Thrones

Here Is Your Pizza Game of ThronesS

As House Domino's engages in a brutal war of attrition against House Pizza Hut in the east, the upstart House Little Caesars and House Papa Murphy's vie for control of the wild, untamed west—while in the exotic land of "Deep Dish," House Godfather's consolidates its power. Welcome to Game of Pizza, where you win—or die.


Map: What's The Nearest Pizza Chain?

Map: What's The Nearest Pizza Chain?S

The weird distribution of fast food across the United States is an endless source of conversation ("What do you mean you don't have Sonic?!"), and a pretty fun thing to map. We've seen these sorts of data visualizations for McDonald's, burger places, and breakfast haunts, but over at FlowingData, the indispensable Nathan Yau has finally tackled the geography of American pizza chains.

The map above shows which of nine major pizza chains is nearest, depending on where you are in the U.S. If you're looking for a little more granularity, the maps below show the geographic distributions of the nine featured chains. If you're more worldly than I am, maybe you'll have heard of all of them.

Map: What's The Nearest Pizza Chain?

Weirdest distribution goes to Godfather's, which looks like it's trying to become THE premier pizza destination of Iowa, Western Kentucky, and Florida.