Our Month Without Booze Is Past The Midpoint. Shit's Getting Real.

Week Three. The Wall. We warned you that Week Three would be the hardest. The novelty of Drynuary definitely wears off by now, boredom creeps in with a vengeance, and somehow you have to negotiate the interminable two weeks between the NFL conference championships and the Super Bowl without your favorite pastime. It… »1/20/14 5:30pm1/20/14 5:30pm

The Month Without Booze Is A Week Old. I'm Great! How Are You?

Hi ho campers, and welcome to Week Two of Drynuary. We think of Drynuary as being a lot like summer camp: you're out of your element, perhaps meeting new people. You're probably also discovering new activities to pass the time, or rediscovering old ones. There might be tears involved. If you're writing letters home… »1/10/14 4:00pm1/10/14 4:00pm

I'm Going A Month Without Booze, For Some Reason. Join Me?

Drynuary. The reality is as unattractive as the word: An entire month* without alcohol. That means no beer in front of football, no after-work glass of wine. No going out for one too many drinks with that friend you haven't seen in ages but can pick up with like your last conversation was yesterday. No bourbon in your… »1/03/14 2:00pm1/03/14 2:00pm